The Vest Is Yet To Come!

The Vest Is Yet To Come!

Most girls could wear this halter top in public and not get a second look. But not Karla. Her creamy G-cups burst out of the shirt, creating acres of sumptuous cleavage that any boob man would love to dive right into. If you ran into Karla on a public street, she just might be wearing what she's wearing here.

"It is really hard to find clothing which does not emphasize my breasts!" Karla said. "If I wear loose clothing which does not show my figure, then I look overweight because of the size of my breasts. So mostly I wear tight clothing to show my figure. In the winter, I wear skinny jeans and elegant tight tops with trainers or high heeled boots. In the summer, I flaunt my breasts and figure, wearing skirts, vest tops and high heels or sandals."

Yes, she did say vest tops.

By the way, please don't ignore Karla's ass. It's another very impressive part of her brick-shithouse body. Check out photos 61 and 62 for a prime view. And when you're done with her tits, give her butt a jack!
Featuring: Karla James
Date: January 29th, 2010
Photos: 75

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