Karla's Bra-Story

Karla's Bra-Story

Bras are the holy grail for boob men and for big-boobed girls like Karla. A bra that properly fits a slim-and-stacked girl isn't easy to find, and Karla knows that better than anyone.

"Finding bras is very difficult and very expensive," Karla said. "They don't do pretty, colorful bras in my size. Only mega-expensive ones. I have to buy them from a well-known shop here in England called Bravissimo. They specialize in large support bras for big-busted women. I can buy them off the rack at Bravissimo. If this shop did not exist, then I probably would have to have them made to size."

We'd love to be her bra designer!

"I don't buy any specific brands," Karla continued. "I just buy bras that give me good support and look sexy. I have to pay a lot of money for my bras, around £50 to £60 per bra, so they are good quality and last me a long time. I always wear a bra."

Karla has a unique way of putting on a bra that she'll demonstrate in an upcoming view. Like Karla's bras, the video…
Featuring: Karla James
Date: February 19th, 2010
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10 years ago 

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