The Naughty Side Of Karla

The Naughty Side Of Karla

If the turquoise bra that Karla is wearing in these photos looks huge...well, it is. Because Karla's tits are huge, and it takes a giant bra to hold them. The most amazing thing about the bra she's wearing is that it would cover 100% of the breasts of just about any woman in the world, but Karla wears it and she's still spilling out of it.

Of course, these photos aren't only about Karla's unique bra-wrecking abilities. They're also about her sexy stockings and garter as we get to see a more intimate side of Karla.

"I like role playing," Karla revealed. "I like dressing up in kinky, little outfits or sexy uniforms. I have an air hostess outfit and a naughty nurse one. Maybe you'll see me in them one day."

We're looking forward to that day. But for now, these photos will do very nicely, thank you.
Featuring: Karla James
Date: April 2nd, 2010
Photos: 50

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Oh Karla once again you make me feel like this is the very first time
3 years ago 
This woman is one of a thousand reasons I love masturbating day after day in the breast loving world of Scoreland.
4 years ago 
That I might cum home to her from work every night omg
5 years ago 
Every pose is a sweet delight

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