Rack To School

Rack To School

"I had just turned 13 when my breast started to develop," said Karla James, who here is the epitome of the sexy schoolgirl. "My boobs grew all at once! One day I was buying my first bra, and two months later I was buying a 32DD!"

And they kept growing, all the way to a G-cup. Can you imagine sitting in class next to a girl like Karla, boobs bursting out of her top, bras unable to contain her non-stop growth? Would you ever have been able to concentrate on your studies?

"The teachers never seemed to notice, but the guys definitely did and the girls instantly started to hate me," Karla said, repeating a refrain we've heard far too often from busty schoolgirls. "Some of them stopped talking to me totally and were nasty towards me and bitched. But none of the guys minded!"

Minded? Girls like Karla are the reason the truancy rate isn't much higher than it already is. Who would want to miss a day of Karla? Hey, you might miss a cup-size or two of boob growth!
Featuring: Karla James
Date: March 19th, 2010
Photos: 67

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