Is Karla James A Slut?

Is Karla James A Slut?

Karla turns up the heat in some super-hot, super-sexy lingerie, a skimpy bra and panties set that covers very little of her body.

"I don't think this would cover my breasts if I had B-cups," Karla said.

Karla has G-cups.

Karla seems to be having a lot of fun playing the role of super-slut, teasing, giving us her, "Don't you wish you had this?" look, then peeling off her top. Photo No. 35 is especially appealing as Karla looks back into the camera while squeezing her pure-white breasts together, making them look like twin torpedoes. How could any boob man resist?

"You're not supposed to," she said.
Featuring: Karla James
Date: May 14th, 2010
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Member Comments

3 years ago 
Just let me slide into my soft panties and jackoff to this woman and I am a happy man!
4 years ago 
Any side pose with Karla gives me an uncontrollable ass attack! the first picture and the last 3 on the 1st line are as good as it gets!
4 years ago 
Photo 1 almost made me nut. Karla has the perfect ass imo.
5 years ago 
Perfect in every way
6 years ago 
Such a sight for tit craving eyes. The hypnotic effect this hot body has on my hard cock is so rewarding. Cumming again to Karla's tits feels so good
6 years ago 
truly a gift to the eyes
6 years ago 
my lust for Karla's tits is insatiable. no matter how many times I stare at those firm full naked tits and shoot my hot sticky cum all over my stomach i still get hard again in minutes. I have masturbated to this photo set with her hot perfect round ass and those perfect creamy thighs more than any other on this entire site. I call out her name every time. And tonight i took Cockeee's advice about trying this in vanity fair panties ohhhh my hard cock sliding against the soft feminine nylon is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life!!! and now I am cummmmmmmmmiiiinnnnnnngggggg Karla i am cummmming in my panties right now to you my love!!!
7 years ago 
so many nights I fall asleep and dream of Karla rubbing her tits all over me. It is so wonderful to awake suddenly and role over log on and find her stroking my way to a dream cum true, like I did just now. Thank you Scoreland please bring us some updates!
8 years ago 
Jest beautiful.
9 years ago 
No way to improve on this, except for Karla to remove those shoes to show off her pretty feet and toes. Yum
9 years ago 
Great outfit. Shows off her every inch of her gorgeous body.
9 years ago 
Costume accentuates her sexy curves.

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