Getting To Know Karla James: Exclusive Interview

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Getting To Know Karla James: Exclusive Interview

A few things you should know before you watch this exclusive interview with Karla.

She was very nervous. For some reason, she isn't shy in front of a still camera, but stick a video camera in her face and the butterflies fly.
Despite her shyness, Karla opens up about her boobs and, especially, her sexuality (something some models, such as Ashley Sage Ellison, have been reluctant to do.
Her British accent is super-sexy.

Karla has warmth and charisma to spare, and the camera instantly picks it up. This video lets us meet Karla and enjoy her charming and friendly personality and voice. Get to know her in a relaxed, up-close and personal way. The video also lets us check Karla out modeling a tight T-shirt and study her acrobatic way of putting her boobs in her bra cups. You won't want to miss that amazing sight. Frankly, we've never seen anything like it. But then again, we've never seen anyone like Karla! Read More »
Featuring: Karla James
Date: March 5th, 2010
Duration: 15:11

Member Comments

7 months ago 

May be not the best way to put on a bra, but is the most sensual, thanks Karla.

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