Karla Passes The Bikini Test

Karla Passes The Bikini Test

A bikini is the ultimate test for a big-boobed model. Her body is almost fully exposed, and her tits are, basically, on their own. A bikini top lacks the support of a bra, so a girl either has big, full, firm tits or she doesn't. Clearly, Karla has 'em, and the proof is when she takes off her bikini top for the first time. Know how with some girls, their tits were up here and then they're down there? That's not the case with Karla. She takes off her top, and her G-cup naturals stay in place.

There are some great photos in this set, like No. 35, which makes us want to walk around to the other side and slide our cocks between Karla's tits, and No. 47, a classic oiled-up hanger shot, but we think the real standouts are No. 40 and No. 41, in which Karla's amazing breasts are stacked one on top of the other. Is this why girls with huge boobs are called "stacked"?

By the way, these photos were shot in Costa del Sol, Spain, and if Karla looks especially happy, it's because 1.) Costa del…
Featuring: Karla James
Date: February 5th, 2010
Photos: 62

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